Having come from a very musical background influenced by her mother from a young age, Jade was always surrounded by music in the family home. Jade began singing in the church from the age of 7 with her mother, and leant to play the violin and piano at a young age, along with dance lessons.

Her childhood was very much school focused along with every evening practising vocal lessons and violin, along with being part of several choirs and Kent Music School.

By the time of 16 Jade had become worn out with everyday practising of music and wanted to concentrate on acting and performing arts as a whole and went on to train with FHODS Theatre where she is still an active member, whilst going onto achieve 2nd place in the prestigious British Modelling competition in 1995 SuperModel Of Great Britain Finals, along with going onto achieve 4th position with BBC Talent Of The Year in 2001


After auditioning and coming 4th in front of Casualty,Newsround and Eastenders Directors and producers, she concentrated on raising her son, whilst moved to London, working for several media and tv companies, most notably Air Recording Studios, ITV, Endemol, and Channel 4, along with going onto run her own business a DJ Agency


It was just before she opened her DJ Agency, that she was offered an opportunity to join a new girl band with a couple of Page three models Natasha Mealey and Melanie Boorman with her ex fiance Edcase producing their tracks, being managed by one of the tour management of the The All Saints Peter Moore.

However, due to creative differences, the band dissolved and she soon found herself trying out another band, before deciding to concentrate cowriting several dance tracks, for a couple of producers.

Jade soon found herself performing a few club pa's in Londons West End, where one night she ended up performing in Londons Mayfair Club, in front of 90s R&B legend, Mark Morrison, who was highy impressed with her live performance, and gave her much needed support and advice.

The pair went on to keep in touch, with Mark sending Jade a couple of backing tracks to write to. With this advice Jade continued to developing her writing.

Having honed in on her writing craft over the years Jade found herself meeting Grammy Award winning Producer and Sound Engineer Dave Pemberton in 2013. For the past couple of years they have been working on several ideas, and writing projects, for tv and commercials

During 2015 Jade was also presented with the opportunity to join American Band Left Field Rhythms as co writer and providing female vocals on their tracks for their EP , and along with her writing projects and attracting several other chart topping British Dance Producers, including writing a fresh new album under new dance band I.S.O.U,  along with teaming up with Uk writer Sam Ellis and Cory from Left Field Rhythms, 2018 looks set to be an exciting time for Jade both in the UK and across the pond


To book a writing session or discuss collaboration for Jade drop us a line at music@jdrockz.com